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POLY - Blue Light Therapy

The POLY with blue light was just release in October of 2019 for salons that did not carry a medical license. It is a Class 2 Medical Device and up until October 2019 had only been used by dermatolgists.

Glow Studio was one of only 100 salons in the country to carry both the red light for POLY and the blue light.

So how does it work?

A long time ago we were taught that bad food caused acne. This is a myth. A poor diet that is high in fat can create more oil in your skin that gets into your cells, but the real bad guy in acne is bacteria.

This is why your mother always made you wash with anti-bacteria soap. However, that isn’t enough to fix the problem most of the time.

Why not? Because not all bacteria is created equal. The bacteria strain YOUR facewash kills may not be the bacteria that you have on your face! Bacteria acts like a gate to the pore and keeps inside whatever oil or dirt it has trapped. Until you find the key to unlock the gate and let it out it’s just going to keep creating blemishes.

So how does blue light work?

Blue light kills ALL strains of bacteria- it’s the master key to any gate you might have! You still need to wash your face, but now when you wash, you will be cleaning dirt and oil out of ALL pores!

The blue light HAS to be used in combination with the red light- alternating every other day. Red light reduces inflammation and will calm down those angry pores that have been flushed out so they don’t re-create problems.

When you book your appointment you will want to choose either the red light for the POLY or the blue light so if possible we can have the machine set up ahead of time.

A blue light session is 13 minutes and a red light session is 20. Remember, if you do a blue light POLY session you may NOT tan in the same 24 hour period.

Best results can be seen if used 3-4 times per week over an 8 consecutive week period.

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Ways To Use POLY Blue (and red) Light Therapy

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