After Care Instructions

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For optimal results following your CryoSkin Revolution session. Please follow these guidelines:
Do not intake sugars 2-4 hours before or after your session.*
The freezing aspect of the treatment weakens and retracts the fat storage cells (in effect killing the fat cells); consuming sugars before or right after returns immediate energy to these cells, thus the "Fat Cell Death Phase" will be less efficient or can even become canceled by consuming sugars.*
Avoid working out right before your Cryo one session as it will be harder to cool the body down and complete the fat freeing effectively. You are welcome to workout after your session.*
The Lymphatic System takes 12-14 days to complete an entire drainage cycle. Results improve 2 weeks after the initial treatment session.*
For best results maintain a clean diet high in fiber, vegetables and lean protein. Intake of at least 2-3 liters (60-110oz) of water daily are mandatory for proper drainage of lymphatic system to excrete the dead fat cells.*