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UV Tanning

Contrary to what you’ve been taught, consistent, nonburning exposure to the sun’s UV rays actually prevents 19 different types of cancer – INCLUDING breast cancer. The sun is the GIVER of all life and provides us NECESSARY Vitamin D. Even though our use of sunscreen has increased immeasurably since 1946 skin cancers have risen by over 3000%. Why is that? We’re avoiding the sun more than ever and it’s still rising. Most skin cancers occur in places that never even see sun. People who work inside are more susceptible for skin cancer than outdoor workers. It’s time to realize the sun IS healthy as long as you respect it’s power. Using a tanning bed can control your exposure until a base tan is built and used in months when the sun isn’t as prevalent.

We have different levels of beds based on exposure to UVB rays and power. Lower UVB = less likelihood of burning. Great for building base tans. Mixing levels is always recommended.

Level 5 (Lay Down Bed) – 1 Bed Available
21,000 total wattage LOW UVB – 12 Minutes

Level 4 (Stand Up Booth) – 1 Booth Available
9800 total wattage High UVB – 9 Minutes

Level 3 (Lay Down Bed) – 4 Beds Available
6800 total wattage Medium UVB – 12 Minutes

Level 2 (Lay Down Bed) – 1 Bed Available
3200 total wattage Low UVB – 15 Minutes

Sessions and minutes may be shared – unlimited packages may not be. All levels of tanning are included in our All Access Tanning.

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