18 Sessions NuShape Lipo Wrap


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Our non-invasive lipo machine uses 8 infrared light paddles that penetrate 1.5 inches into your skin and melt the wall of a fat cell. Once open the contents of the cell will release and drain 40-60 grams of fat per session. Think of the difference between a grape and a raisin. The product is the same but the size of it is drastically different. This represents a fat cell. Unlike painful lipo surgeries, we can penetrate the wall of the cell and drain its contents in a completely painless, no recovery process! This process takes 20 minutes. Immediately following the Lipo Light Paddle procedure you will stand on a vibration machine to help it metabolize and push to your waste system. This is also a 20-minute process. Together, plan on a 45-minute treatment for best results do not drink only water two hours before and after treatment, eat a healthy diet, and use in combination with our Infrared sauna that burns 300-600 calories per session.


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